Ayurveda Detox Program

Contaminated water

Chemically treated foods and fruits

High level of pesticides, every where

Irregular food habits

Lack of physical activity

You might have thought above are the causes of some diseases…not very true! These are parts of definition of modern day lifestyle and your condition only. Your body is more a dumping ground for all companies and businesses. Your body is taken as granted by all these guys and they never worry what is going to happen with you and your body.

Above all, people are telling you the benefits of staying healthy and young!? How can it be possible?

This is something like- making a beautiful boundary wall and a green carpet of grass on a dumping ground?

I was used to go for regular colon therapy and other ways for detoxification, but it was so abrupt for me to handle. Tried the Detoxification plan of yours last month- last month was the best month of my life, but now I am feeling my everyday is “best” and unique. Thanks to you guys”                             Connie Merrigan 

Do you really need this to maintain your health?

Watch this video…..and decide yourself what will you prefer?

Detoxification is that much important as to get your machines serviced, timely.

There are many versions of the Detoxification.

So what’s new with eVaidyaJi?

We have some different things for your body or better to say for your health-

For the first time we are presenting a Detox plan with- Restoration of normal physiology of the body as well as replenishment of the body for better working.

Expulsion of toxins from the body is not enough; your body needs replenishment of the good attributes- which others usually forget to do.

This program is to assure you that the good things are not depleted from the body.

When washing the machine- some good elements will also be expelled, we need restore these good things to secure a healthy future.

Detoxification means to reduce the toxins and their production too.

This cannot be a good plan to just remove the dust from the room and leave the window pan open to dust the room again? The best plan is to reduce the production of toxins as well; along with expelling the toxins out of the body.

This made us to plan for a complete Detox Kit for you. In this we will provide you all the above solutions for your health, so that your aim will be achieved. Detoxification is a way, reach is complete health. 

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