Shipping Policy

We Ship in time...because we know you need your items in time!
Cash on Delivery
Shipping with in India
Shipping with in India is free
Shipping outside India

eVaidyaJi Wellness is committed to give you hundred percent satisfaction, because this is the main priority of our organization, we don’t want to raise the flow of Adrenaline or shoot your blood pressure, due to any haziness with our services. So we have all well written on our website, so that you will have a complete idea about everything.

We have three sections of our shipping policies because we ship in three different modes.

1.    Shipping In India: Shipping within India is totally free. We don’t charge anything from you to ship within India. We will ship your order through a prominent and reputed courier agency.

2.    Shipping out of India: Shipping out of India, globally is chargeable and this will be included in your Payment, once you will select your country and address, our system will automatically add shipping charges to your order, so that you can smoothly process the order.

3.    Cash on Delivery: This service is only available in India for now and you need to pay 100 INR extra to avail this service. We are covering more than 2500 Pin Coder destinations. Once you will process your order you will come to know about the availability of the COD services in your area. If it is not supporting you can try a nearby Pincode of your city, we will be happy to assist you the best. Make it clear that we only collect CASH for the COD services.

Why COD processing charges: These charges are levied not because of eVaidyaJi Wellness, these are the charges which will be paid to the courier company.

Few people don’t charge this charge? Yes, they don’t but they force you to buy for minimum….we never do this. We don’t have some hidden agendas to earn. We charge in faith and clearly.

Tracking Details:

For domestic orders shipping details will be shared with you within 24 working hours and you will be able to track your parcels.

For Shipments out of India it will take 48 working hours to provide you the tracking number of the shipment.

If you don’t get the details in this frame, please email us. Before this please note that these are working hours, not the hours from the time you made an order on our website.

Return and Refund:

You can return any item to us in its original packaging or in its original condition to eVaidyaJi Wellness.

 Just indicate the reason for your return in a short note (if you feel like it!), put the item and the note with the order number into a secure package, and send it through a reliable courier or mail it to us.

How to Pack Your Return Products:

  • Use the original box and packaging materials if possible.
  • If the original packaging is not available use a box that will allow for proper protection. Please NOTE under no circumstances damaged original box is accepted.

Shipping the Item:

  • You are responsible to pay for the shipping of the unit to us.
  • We recommend that you insure your package, as we cannot be responsible for any damage to or loss of the unit until it is received in our facility.

How and when will you get your refund?

Upon receipt of your package with the item in it, we will initiate the refund process. Depending on the value of the item and the payment option used to pay for the order and shipping method, we will do the refunds.