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Winters are special in many ways. Body needs more energy to manage the temperature changes in outer world so you need more energy and more supplements to maintain your health in a better way.

According to Ayurveda, seasons have importance because every season reacts with the body in a different way. This might be the change in the regular requirement of the body or the way body needs a complete care for the maintenance of the body, all these should be addressed in a proper way to achieve the higher levels of the health. There are some issues with the body, which need to be understood as per the requirement of the body-

1.    Body needs to maintain temperature of the body

2.    High risk for infections like cough and cold

3.    Chances of stiffness in the body

4.    Pain in joints and muscles

5.    Requirement of Vigour and vitality

We have designed this kit for all of you, to maintain the level of endurance and working for your body. This comprises the Shilajeet Capsules, Chayawanprash and Immunity Enhancer Tea.

Shilajeet Capsules: Increase your vigour, vitality and “performance” and give your body the best support for doing well in this season. Shilajeet is a the best tonic from the “Santa-Bag” of Ayurveda and is one of the few natural remedies on the globe, which yields a lot of energy for the body but is not high in calories. This is known as “Katu-Paushtika”. Two capsules of the Shilajeet everyday with the milk for these two months of winters will work as aphrodisiac and Rasyana for you.

Chayawanprash: Well known for its effects on the health, need not to tell you something special about it. Special is- how to take it and how to use it for the wellness and wellbeing of your family, that we will send along with the product. eVaidyaJi Chayawanprash is the authentic blend as per the text of Ayurveda and it will prove a complete health package for all your family members.

Immunity Enhancer Tea: Don’t pay a single penny for health destroying cough and cold relieving medicines for you and your family. Invest on health, why invest on diseases!! This tea will help you and your family to stay away from the bad effects of the cold season and will maintain the immunity of everybody.

Combo Offer:  120 Shilajeet Capsules +1 Kg Chyawanprash + 350 gms Kapha Tea

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We are bringing these offers every month....according to your needs. Keep onchecking the siet for all upgradation.