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Seven people..… behaviours and seven ways to do something then how can all seven can have same pattern to live and requirements?

Type 1: Careless, enjoys a lot, most of the times in life he will remain skinny, joints will ache soon and there might be some problem with his/her joints. This is the first person- cannot wait, impatience! Is this you?

Type 2: Sedentary, hard to move, soft and silent- these are the characters of the 2nd example- they are overweight- most of the times and you need a great inspiration to make them move. These guys suffer from respiratory problems, diabetes and other slow metabolic rate. Are you one?

Type 3: Scanty hair with plenty of grey hairs too, reduces and gains weight very quickly and sharp, quick and hard to get these guys; generally these suffer from irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel syndrome, liver diseases, hypertension and psychological problems. Is it about you?

Type 4: Perfectionist, aimed, sharp, aggressive, intelligent, intuitive and imaginative these are the general qualities and these guys usually face problem on the emotional front and get easily upset with small things it makes them prone to the cardiac diseases, hyperacidity- even ulcers too. This all can be applicable on you!

Type 5: Kind hearted with loads of emotions and care are these people with problems with respiratory and digestive disorders and these are too prone to the blockage of the coronary arteries that they take least amount of the fats and anything but they will be trapped. Is it about one of your close friend!

Type 6: This kind of people is generally ill most of the times and even though they try hard and harder to get rid of all these problems, it is hard for them always to come out of the health problems most of the time. Do you fall in with this type?

Type 7: Once this guy was fatty and now he is thin and again he will keep on revolving the wheel throughout the life- sometimes too quick and on other time too sedentary to move from their place. Usually face problems with respiratory system, joints and bones and also with the muscular system. Do you have any of these traits?

These are the seven types of the different persons and surely you can classify yourself with one of these! These are seven body types according to Ayurveda and everybody of us have one dominant Dosha among these.

You should know where are you and what are you? This is the only way to decide the “Route of health” for you. Everything, like - 

  • What should you eat?
  • How should you cook, mix and eat?
  • Are there any specific foods which can drag you to the diseases?
  • What are the best Yoga postures for you?
  • How much and when you should exercise?
  • What are the diseases and health problems you are prone to?
  • How can you prevent the diseases?

These are some of the common and general things about you, what your Doshas and your body type can decide for you. So you should be known to your body type. Once you are sure about your body type you will be able to manage your health to the best of it and can achieve complete wellness of yours.

So this is the reason you can have coconut juice directly with a straw not tomato or orange juice!!