eVaidyaJi wellness is an initiative developed by the team of highly experienced and world renowned Physicians with an aim to assure your complete health. It is hard to define the complete health in few words because health itself is a multidimensional aspect and it cannot be confined wit in few laboratory parameters or in some physical measurements.

Complete health is an expression of millions of cells. When all these cells express their wellbeing, happiness and harmony unanimously- is the right definition of the health.

We at eVaidyaJi are sure and promised to bring the same health to you. This is true that not by alone clicking on some links of the site we can guarantee you complete health but we make it sure that each and every click on this website will ensure you that you are stepping towards a horizon of complete health. This is the first step of yours with eVaidyaJi.

Once you have achieved the complete health, second major thing is to preserve the same health in right condition. This is something like that you can earn money but that is never enough, you need to be sure that where you are going to invest that money and how can you preserve that money! This is the second step for the health with eVaidyaJi.

This is the first time a company is using Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy and Modern Medical Science all together to tell you what the best for your health is. Here we need to share with you that how should you use this website, generally this part will be missing from all the websites, which can confuse the audiences but we are here to show you a path not to confuse you.

For Health Maintenance:

This is the first audience we are addressing, for this please register with and then you can choose among Basic, Premium and Executive Profiles of the website. These profiles are in an order where level of attention, care and individualization increases step by step.

Just for registering with us in case of any profile you will get access to the HEALTH RISK CALCULATOR and DOSHA ANALYZER (actually until you won’t check your Dosha with eVaidyaJi, you won’t be able to complete your profile) these will help you to know more about your body and your Doshas. You can check your progress with HEALTH RISK CALCULATOR by recalculating the results. Assessment is more important than the results.

For Diseases/Problems:

We have Free Online Consultation for you on our website and you can easily contact our physicians about your problems. Our team of Physicians will respond you within no time. As we take care of every query by ourselves so it becomes complicated to respond to everybody in time, so keep patience we will revert to you fir sure about your health problem.

We have given the details and solutions for different health issues on our website and you can check these pages anytime. If you feel some problems/queries/questions about anything you should leave a mail to us through contact us page.

In this condition also it is important for you to register with to access your Dosha level and to calculate your health Risk .

Ayurveda is the core policy of our working, of our site and of our guidance. If you have some doubts about Ayurveda and Yoga there are certain pages where we have detailed the concepts and basics of Ayurveda in detail and these will be surely of some use for you to clear your doubts about Ayurveda. Here we need to share with you that Ayurveda is not defined like others on our website:

  • Ayurveda is never a magic or miracle
  • Ayurveda is not all about Home Remedies
  • Ayurveda is not to take some herbs alone
  • Ayurveda is not to go for some talks about Doshas....!!

Ayurveda is something more......

  • Ayurveda is about complete wellness
  • Ayurveda is about your wellbeing
  • Ayurveda is about how to live
  • Ayurveda is about managing the life in its best
  • Ayurveda is about you, me and our society which includes universe........!!

Don’t forget to check out Mission and Vision of eVaidyaJi Wellness Pvt. Ltd. Keep in tuned with eVaidyaJi and stay healthy!!