About Us

eVaidyaJi, is an eVaidyaJi Wellness Pvt. Ltd. venture. We are committed to give the best solutions for your health, which were not present in a complete form on internet, as per the scientific explanation of Ayurveda. This never means that we neglect or reject the efforts by the persons and people on internet, but always felt that there are some certain lacunae in the facilities so we decided to come with a complete solution.

Services by Physicians:

Health is a sector, which should be in hands of the learned and educated team; this is not about giving you an idea about repairing your refrigerator at your home under the guidance of a customer care agent. Health is a very specialized system, which should be understood by all of us. But the opportunities and money in this field has attracted a lot of businessmen to try their luck in health sector and they are doing some practices on internet for the health services with a disclaimer hidden in some pages that “this can lead you to the death”!

At eVaidyaJi all the services, right from writing the materials for website, to the consultations on or off the website are given by learned Ayurvedic Physicians. We are well qualified team of physicians that make us complete.

We are to care, prevent and cure not for sale:

Our main aim is to educate everyone about health, risks towards health and how can we recover from the diseases. We are not here to sale some products or services alone. Still we charge for our services, because we need to manage the team and persons for your services and our core element is Ayurveda.

Best Possible Services:

Not even Carnot’s engine is 100% efficient, even though this is just “hypothetical”, so there is no matter to be 100% accurate by us. We are dependent on details provided by you all regarding your health that is the only source for us to guide you and assist you for complete health.

The way we all define eVaidyaJi is a different one and here it goes: 

  • Every where and every time.
  • Values your health
  • Available 24X7 for your assistance
  • Individuals to respond not IVRs
  • Dedicated team with dedicated leaders
  • Your true companion in health 
  • Authentic Solutions, not only home remedies 
  • Just in time
  • Individuals caring for individuality

This makes eViadyaJi complete as a company and a group. 

Our Services: 

We are working in different areas and over all we have covered all the different sectors of Health and Wellness via Ayurveda. Our core areas of working are- 

  • Individual Health Care
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  • Corporate Wellness Program
  • Health through Diet and Lifestyle
  • Complete Solutions for wellness
  • Authentic Solutions in form of authentic herbs
  • Women Care
  • Kid Care
  • Health Awareness

These are the few areas we are working continuously and are committed to bring more quality services, enriched with experience-ethics and evaluation!