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About eVaidyaJi

Vaidya is a Sanskrit phrase which mean- A skilled physician and because we have brought the services of skilled Ayurvedic Physicians for you on Internet, so we call it- eVaidyaJi.
eVaidyaJi offers- complete Ayurvedic solutions for different ailments by using different Ayurveda remedies and Ayurvedic herbs. You can also reach to our physicians and get free online consultations. By registering with eVaidyaJi you can know your Diet-Lifestyle-Yoga according to your Doshas and can also check the risk to your health by using our Health Risk Calculator. eVaidyaJi is a true companion of yours to achieve the level of complete health. 

Health is merely not the abscence of signs and symptoms of diseases and maintained level of some bio-chemical values. Health is a state, an achievment, a process, a journey!

E- every where and every time
V- Values Your Health
A-Available always
I-Individualized Care
D-Dedicated professionals
Y-Your true companion 
A-Avoinding the diseases
J- Just in time
I- Importance to every body

This makes eVaidyaJi!!!

Your complete online wholistic Health Provider.....................

eVaidyaJi.com is an initiative by eVaidyaJi Wellness Pvt Ltd, a company with complete dedication to bring the complete wellness. Complete wellness is not alone the physical wellbeing of the body but this is more than this. Completer wellness covers all physical, psychological and spiritual wellness.

All the services on this website are offered by a well qualified team of physicians whoare well educated and well experienced in their fields. This makes eVaidyaJi.com different from other websites as this is the only internet project ran-handeled and managed by a phsycians. 

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Product of the Month
Stay Healthy these Winters
Say No to Diseases

Diet for this Month
Lifestyle Planning

Temperature is sliding on the mercury levels in most the parts of world0, Sun is not that effective as it was month before- this is the Visarga Kala! Time to rejuvenate for the body. Body is all set to repair the damage it has faced in last few months with strong Sun. Sun, nourishes us by providing the foods and nourishment. Still sun is too powerful and hard towards us; it sucks the vitals from the body and leaves the body dried up. Surely you have seen dried leaves of trees, same is the condition of our body, we don't have any tool which can make our body resistant against all these exposures and natural ups and downs.

Maintaining health in the winter season, Ayurvedic supplements for winter seasons

This is amazing all around the world, elder say- this is the period for taking- heavier foods because according to them, we need more and more nutrition to support the body for rejuvenation or to cop-up with the threats of temperature effects. Anyhow, we know that there are some special dietary guidelines for this period or better to narrate for every season.

There are simple principles for this season of ice, cold and dryness.

1.    Diet should have a good amount of oils/fats, because

a.     These are the fats alone which work for the body as a good insulator against the temperature variation and will maintain the wellness of the body.

b.    Fats are the only source of oleation for the body, which helps body to combat and neutralize the dryness caused by the weather.

c.     Fats are the good and only media to produce the corticosteroid hormones in the body, which are responsible for the growth and maintenance of the body.

2.    Your Diet should be heavy and of low nutritional value- because you need the foods to burn and maintain the warmth of the body, not to fight against the exhausting environment.

3.    Never go for excess of water: Some of religiously drink a fix amount of water, because they have a thought that a particular amount of water will help them to get rid of skin problems, toxins blah-blah. God has given us an inbuilt system of taking water, we should regard this system because this is the perfect one, until unless there won’t be some disease affecting the working capacity of this “thirst” system.

4.    Don’t expose yourself to cold: In name of the style and fashion, some times and sometimes in name of “boldness” few of us expose to the cold, to look different and special. You are harassing your body as well as destroying the thermostatic system of the body.

These are some of the simple principles to be followed in this month, here are some of the best remedies from the bag of Ayurveda and are worth trying.

Shilajeet Capsules: Increase your vigour, vitality and “performance” and give your body the best support for doing well in this season. Shilajeet is a the best tonic from the “Santa-Bag” of Ayurveda and is one of the few natural remedies on the globe, which yields a lot of energy for the body but is not high in calories. This is known as “Katu-Paushtika”.

Chayawanprash: Well known for its effects on the health, need not to tell you something special about it. Special is- how to take it and how to use it for the wellness and wellbeing of your family, that we will send along with the product. eVaidyaJi Chayawanprash is the authentic blend as per the text of Ayurveda and it will prove a complete health package for all your family members.

Kapha Tea: Don’t pay a single penny for health destroying cough and cold relieving medicines for you and your family. Invest on health, why invest on diseases!! This tea will help you and your family to stay away from the bad effects of the cold season.

Combo Offer:  120 Shilajeet Capsules +1 Kg Chyawanprash + 350 gms Kapha Tea

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